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PCC-2, REPAIR STANDARD Johnny Pellin byronm We call this Hot Bolting, a pretty standard process, but as it is a higher risk, a written procedure is the way to go. A few things that you should make sure are included: hot bolting is not allowable under SIMOP conditions; cutting of bolts with a torch is not permitted; Operating pressure should be less than 75% of the MAWP as allowed under ANSI B16.5 at the operating temp of the piping or process system being worked on; flange should have a minimum of 8 bolts; process temperature should be between 40°F and 160°F; flanges, piping & equipment need to be properly supported (reuce excessive vibration or pulsation); gasket area should not show signs of leakage; piping, flanges, and bolts should not be severely corroded (to the point of affecting their integrity); existing flange bolts/nuts should be tight and of the right size & grade (one of those "goes without saying" that you really need to say). ASME Post Construction SC-Repair & Testing. PCC-2, REPAIR STANDARD ARTICLE 4.2. 2.1 Section I of PCC-2

Replacing flange studs under pressure - Several new articles have been added in this edition, including Article 3.11: Hot and Half Bolting Removal Procedures. We have been asked to make a standard to replace flange studs while the line is still loaded. I am a little leary about this. Do any of you have a guideline est

Asme pcc 2 pdf For streams that are not high risk and flanges with 8 or more studs, a normal workorder approval process is used with no requirement for engineering review. Asme pcc-2 pdf free download. CSA W178. 2 Level II ASME B31. asme pcc-2 pdf download 1W59PCC-1 Guidelines for Pressure Boundary Bolted Joint AssemblyLessons.

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