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Suns of God Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled Acharya Later on, many people striving to develop clairvoyance, but not understanding the essence of the Teachings of God, dedicated themselves to self-harming by concentrating in the point between the eyebrows This resulted in activation of the ajna chakra one of the coarsest chakras. Suns of God Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled Acharya S on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Picking up where the bestselling and controversial The Christ Conspiracy leaves off, Suns of God leads the reader through an electrifying exploration of the origin and meaning of the world's religions and.

Mysteries of the Sun - NASA Therefore, concentration in it provokes accelerated growth of egocentrism as opposed to the necessity of realization of God-centrism on the spiritual Path Thus such people moved in the direction opposite from Perfection But one has to walk to Perfection with the help of completely different methods! It with reverence and considered the Sun a god. Many worshipped it and built monuments to celebrate it, such as. Stonehenge in England. The first accurate measurement of the distance to the Sun was made by the Greek philosopher Anaxagoras around. 450 BC, and people continued to think that the Sun orbited the Earth.

The “Third Eye” and the “Sun of God” - Anatomy of They imply development of oneself as a spiritual heart, as love! F one has to be free from subjection to earthly passions. Let me repeat that mere concentration of the unrefined and coarse consciousness in the ajna chakra leads to an increase in the coarseness of the entire consciousness soul and to growth of egocentrism. The way to cognition of Ishvara is opposite and consists, first.

The Biggest Secret - Download David Icke Books For Who at the moment of departure does not distract the mind and love, being in Yoga (In Mergence with Ishvara with God-the-Father, the Creator, the Primordial Consciousness), who OPENS THE PASSAGE OF ENERGY BETWEEN THE EYEBROWS such one attains the Highest Divine Spirit! This Path which men of knowledge call the Path to the Eternal, which spiritual warriors go through self-control and liberation from passions, which brahmacharyas walk that Path I will describe to you in brief. chanting the mantra of Brahman AUM and being conscious about Me anyone departing so from the body attains the Supreme Goal. This unofficial PDF-file was created by image scanning and OCR processing a legal copy of the real book. When the word 'God' is used in the Old Testament it is often translated from a word that. fire; the disappearance of the Sun and Moon and the darkness that followed; the raining down of blood, ice and rock; the.

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